Rules and Regulations

Bilingual programs in Spanish are available!  (Presentaciones en Español son disponibles!)


As you know, working with both children and animals can be a challenge. The needs of the animals must be balanced with the safety of our guests. Therefore, we have created a list of guidelines to be followed by all. These rules will be reviewed at the event, but it is important to understand these rules beforehand. 

O  Children must remain seated while animals are being passed around.

O  No eating or drinking (water is permitted) while animals are out.

O  Hands must be washed before animals can be pet and handled.

O  Please avoid making loud noises and large, sudden movements.

O  "Two finger rule" when petting animals; be respectful!

O  No squeezing or grabbing of the animals.

O  Children under 3 years of age must be supervised by a parent.

DISCLAIMER: We regularly photograph our events and publicly share our photos. If you would not like to be photographed and seen in our social media posts/website slideshows, please let us know! If you happen to see a photo of yourself uploaded on our site or social medias and would like it removed, please call and we will remove it promptly.


We will host our shows in rain or shine, indoors and outdoors. For outdoor shows in rainy weather, we will require a dry place to showcase our animals, such as under a patio, garage, tent, etc. 

In especially hot weather (95°F and up), the animals will need to be kept in a cool, air-conditioned area (ideally indoors) and will be taken outside during their part of the show. Please provide a cool, shady area for the party guests and show creatures!


O  Our set up takes 10 minutes, so please schedule accordingly!

O  You may take as many photos as you would like.

O  No clean-up required!